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The N Power project in Verviers aims at the rehabilitiation of the Prés Javais district, through the involvement and empowerment of its population.

Since there are already several innovative projects in the area, N Power will focus on the use of two main green spaces: Parc Marie-Louise and Plaine Lentz. These public spaces are to become the center of social life in the quarter, mainly through the co-creation of new and upcycled equipment for the parks and the creation of a community or youth center. Consulting the inhabitants of the area to identify their needs as well as involving them in the projects’ participative process is the core of the N Power project, as we want to develop the community spirit, boost social cohesion, and recreate social inclusion through various activities and events.

With the help of already-existing supporting groups like social workers and, more generally, the Social Cohesion Plan of the city of Verviers, we want to reach the diverse population of Prés Javais (families with small children, young people, the disabled, etc.) to answer all of their needs for the future of their district, e.g. make the parks more accessible, have amusement structures that appeal to all, make the area more secure with night lights, etc. The final project would be co-managed by the city workers and the inhabitants, in order to guarantee continuity. Due to financial difficulties in the area, innovative funding as well as the use of second-hand objects or recovered material will be key to the success of the quarter’s renewal.

Target group: District population, families with small children, disabled people, disadvantaged youth.

Team: Louisa Kara

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