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The 2 pilot projects in Seraing aim at upgrading existing green spaces ensuring their sustainable use and maintenance. 

The two green public spaces selected as pilot projects are included in an overall strategy called “master park” (green area masterplan, which goal is to make a least one park accessible to every citizen within a 10 minutes walking distance). This master park has been designed through a top-down approach and the interest of the city is to use the NPOWER pilots to experiment bottom-up approaches in the broader framework of the establishment of a neighborhood development policy.


Activities and infrastructures for the two pilot parks (Marêts and Morchamps) will be co-designed, co-implemented and co-maintained with the citizens and relevant associations. A first action is planed from the 3rduntil the 20thDecember 2018. A temporary place will host communication and consultation activities with the aim to feed the neighborhoods diagnosis and to communicate on the opportunity offered by the NPOWER project. This action is co-organized by arebs, the City of Seraing and 5 relevant local associations.

The aim of this first action is also to prepare a call for projects that will be launched in March. The call for projects will be open to any association or group of citizens. Arebs will act as a support to help candidates to structure, connect and budgeted their project ideas.

Target group: district population including disadvantaged youth, elderly and vulnerable population, retail shops owners, homeless, socially disconnected persons.

Team:  Cyriëlle Böttcher, Sophie Ohmer

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