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This pilot project wants to generate neighbourhood associations, neighbourhood cooperations and a stronger coherence among the citizens of the „Bergviertel“. Concerning the composition of the neighbourhood in different social backgrounds, origins and religions the pilot project aims to bring the quarter citizens together and developing sustainable socio-cultural initiatives as well as designing an infrastructure of their immediate living environment.

It aims to broaden the social skills and abilities of citizens and to develop a practical application in the neighborhood. In this way, initiatives and projects should be conceived and realized on their own responsibility and placed at the center of the "Bergviertel". The focus here is on the “Park” Loten, which is to represent. as central meeting place and venue for the "Berger" 

The young and very heterogeneous population structure in the "Bergviertel" also requires new challenges in the integration of hard-to-reach target groups for the design, organization and maintenance of public space in the "Bergviertel". Also a participation of the district citizens in the realization of future innovative fundraising projects is aimed.

These approaches are included in the project and will be linked to existing initiatives in the “Bergviertel". Through these measures the pilot project is aiming to match up the citizens of the district and to expand and strengthen a social coherence in the “Bergviertel”.

The expected project results might provide a practical background for future activities in other neighborhoods of Eupen.

Target group: district population (children and teenagers, young and long-established families and inhabitants, different ethnological and different religous groups).

Team: Benjamin Fleig, Alex Hilgers, Ralph Rozein

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