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I write in the city

The main objective of this pilot project is to strengthen citizen participation in precarious neighborhoods. In this aim we’ll use culture, writing and art. Our project takes place in the neighborhoods of Droixhe and Saint-Leonard, two Liège’s multicultural districts.

How to enable citizens to find a place in their neighborhood? How to enable them to improve the conviviality of their living environment? How to use cultural and artistic practices to promote citizen participation of vulnerable publics?

One of the first tracks explored is the collaboration with an artist collective who is settled three months in the neighborhoods of Saint-Léonard and Droixhe with a free photographic studio. This is an opportunity to give faces to these neighborhoods and to create a set of silhouettes that will give informations about the different locations who are important for the inhabitants. This will initiate a process of participation and experimentation of different methodologies to improve neighborhoods usability and image.

Target group: neighborhoods inhabitants, young peoples, persons of foreign origins.

Team: Stéphan Paquet

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