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September 2018 - Februari 2021

The main objective of this program is to improve the skills and capabilities of stakeholders from the EMR Cities (civil servants, politicians, social workers...) in terms of community empowerment. Most of these stakeholders are not used at all to innovative participative approaches for the main reason that traditionally, the local public authorities used to develop, implement and maintain the projects aimed at supporting the development of their neighbourhoods.


The empowerment model changes roles and gives in particular a much more active role to the citizens and local associative actors, inviting them to think about appropriate projects for their neighbourhoods, to participate to the detailed design of these projects, to their implementation and finally to their management on the longer term. Within this model, the neighbourhood projects are made for and by the people.

More concretely, this training program consists in the development and implementation of a program targeted at public stakeholders. This training programme is implemented jointly by the 3 research & education partners, and also includes inputs from the best specialists in empowerment techniques. The practical organisation of the program will include activities like workshops, summer schools and site visits, in a highly interactive type of learning approach.


All the training & education material produced during the preparation and implementation of the N-POWER training programme will be completed with inputs from the pilot empowerment projects in order to form a ‘training & education package’ with will be made available on the website.

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