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The project "around the pond" is about the co-creation, co-animation and co-maintenance of the public space located around the pond in the district of Droixhe, with the aim of strengthening social cohesion and to improve the quality of life.  


Indeed, the district of Droixhe, inhabited by 2500 people of 63 different nationalities, is composed mainly of old social housing buildings.

Recently, a vast renovation operation is ongoing in order to change the physical and social morphology of the neighbourhood.

The municipal college also decided in September 2014 to implement a cross-sectoral action plan on this neighbourhood because of the indicators testifying the increase of insecurity and the weakening of social cohesion.


In general, this project aims to:

• Strengthen the knowledge and trust between inhabitants;

• Encourage the meeting between different actors;

• Strengthen trust between inhabitants and municipal authorities and their recognition as actors in the city;

• Involve residents and associations in the management of the public space;

• Promote respect for public spaces (decrease in the deterioration of furniture and fittings, decrease in the abandonment of waste, etc.);

• Raise awareness of the impact of nature on quality of life and well-being.

Target group: The project aims to involve a number of actors from very different backgrounds: neighborhood associations, inhabitants, schools, administrative services (proximity teams, cleanliness, environment, maintenance and spatial planning, plantations), the Liège House, ...

Team: Isabelle André

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